Where are u, a prompt intervention app to protect the children

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After the recent news events, including that of the bus hijacked in Milan, many parents have begun to download and install "Where are u", the official application of the single emergency number 112. This is a service that allows you to contact, by sending the position in which you find yourself, the central number of European emergency number.

In the case of the affair of the bus that has been hijacked in Milan by Ousseynou Sy the happy ending has arrived thanks to the little Rummy, and Adam and Ricky, who contacted the order of the order with the phone.

The adventure of the 51 boys of the medium of cream who found themselves despite the center of the national chronicle was luckily completed in the best way. But the event has greatly affected the public opinion and above all Italian parents, who inevitably asked what their children would have made if they were found in a similar dangerous situation.

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