Holidays in village in Sardinia and Sicily: zero thoughts and, depending on the season, children free

Holidays in village with children: a place where the little ones are privileged guests and activities are designed to make them entertain in groups. The BimboinViaggio reviewed four Italian tourist villages in Sardinia and in Sicily to child-friendly.

If you have never done a vacation in a village you cannot judge it. There are stereotypes on the villages: many believe they go there and to be subjected to a whole series of "torture" type being obliged to play if you don't want to, having to socialize by force, participate in demented aperitif games and so on.

It is not true and, after years I deal with holidays, I can say that there'It is village and village. Serious villages and solid experience behind us know how to treat customers And everything is done because everyone can spend the stay in the best way and according to his desires.

What exactly does this mean? It means that the village is a place of maximum freedom where the customer finds a whole series of options he can, to taste, take advantage or not depending on the layout of'Animo and / or the desire of the moment.

The villages always have a range of sports facilities that can be used (tennis courts, soccer fields / soccer fields, areas dedicated to beach volleyball, swimming pools, diving centers for lovers of underwater exploration, some also have areas dedicated to'Horse riding and golf. Various are the gym water courses, aerobics, pilates, yoga that, if desired, can be attended. But if you don't want to do anything about this, you can very well make the lazy and basking in the sun.

The evening The villages "serious" propose a Quality animation With performances conducted by professionals, sometimes to real celebrities of the show world. But, once again if you want to rest and go to bed early because maybe in the morning you want to take advantage of the beach when it's still semi-extrescent, you are free to do it. Basically the quality village offers many opportunities and everyone can run as best believe.

Who has small children is helped and supported in a thousand ways, those who have more big kids know that C'it is possible to count on various activities you think tailored for children who, finding themselves together, will immediately make friends and feel at ease right away. Those who have teenage boys know that they can have fun without running dangers because they can count on'Friendship of animators who are specifically chosen to organize teen club activities.

The website has selected the group the great trips such as one of the most serious operators able to offer this type of holiday. The great trips have 4 villages in Italy: Baia Samuele and Marispica in Sicily and Santa Giusta and Santa Clara in Sardinia.
In the villages the great trips C'And An ad hoc program for children and one for the boys who have named Aigo (young guest entertainment activities) available from 9:30 to 23:00.

AIGO guarantees a staff dedicated exclusively to care and all'Entertainment of children and boys. The Aigo staff is prepared with professional methods and manages Nursery services (for children from or 2 years), Baby Club (from 3 to 5 years), mini (from 6 to 10 years), junior (from 11 to 13 years) and Young Club (for children aged 14 to 17).

In these villages the Program Fantaigò Evolution it is a'Idea to give each child from the first moment, the sense of belonging to a group. Fantaigò Evolution is a game and is a great adventure. Every child from 3 to 11 years, at the time of'Registration, begins to be part of a fantastic team. During the week he can belong to one or more of the four magic elements: earth, fire, air and water. Ludgal or sports activities determine during day the scores of different teams, on the Fantaigò Evolution tabula. The rules of the Game Fantaigò Evolution starts the first day of the week and ends up'last. Every day various tests will take place, where the scores will come into play; This will delineate the winning team of the day, and the leaders of the ranking. Fantaigò Evolution helps all the children to feel immediately recognized as an integral part of an active group, has a very strong psychological value for any child.

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