Holidays with children, sea or mountain?

Going on holiday with children is always good. Not only for the good air but also to make experiences other than the routine.

Whatever the chosen destination, going on vacation with children is always good, Because it allows you to breathe our little more healthy and less polluted air than the one that is normally found in the cities, but also to make very training experiences from a psychic point of view: see cows, goats or horses in the mountains, fish or boats to the sea means to see things other than those of routine, who are known only through books, and this is very important for child training.

Without considering that you spend a few days of relaxation together Having at your disposal mom and dad is very positive for our children, who more and more often see the parents with the dropper, due to their working commitments.

Any type of vacation, however, the child's age must keep in mind: the more small (nothing from 0 to 3 years), the greater must be the attention and different will be the type of life that can be done.

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