UNESCO: 10 places to visit in Italy with children

Source: Pixabay

A visit to the Po Delta or to one of the many pellied sites. Lose to Florence or in the Royal Palace of Caserta. It's just some of the UNESCO sites to visit in Italy. Perfect for families. The ranking designed by BimboinViaggio.com

Italy, a country rich in history, culture, fascinating places and reserves.

Between seas and mountains, art, landscape wonders, where to go together with your baby? From Bimboinviaggio Site.com the advice on the 10 best UNESCO sites to visit in Italy together with one's family.

What is UNESCO
The United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture, was established in Paris 4 November 1946. It is born from the awareness that political and economic agreements are not sufficient to build a lasting peace and that it must be founded on education, science, culture and collaboration between nations. For this reason it protects and safeguards sites of exceptional value and beauty registered in the World Heritage of Humanity. To deepen: UNESCO Introducing

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