Last year with children: how to celebrate at home

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There are a few days to the New Year: here are some ideas to organize a party at home along with children based on their age. For the little ones, perfect a dinner at home, for the largest, so many ideas for fun.

There are a few days to New Year's Eve and, even if tradition wants to greet the last day of the year between dances, dinners in the clubs and travel. New Year 2021 will be particular, because, due to the restrictions linked to the epidemic emergency, the anniversary will be celebrated at home, in the company of a few friends or a few relatives.

In general for the night of San Silvestro the option dinner at home, according to pediatricians, it is the best choice for families with children, especially if these are very small (from 0 to 3 years). Up to this age, they remember pediatricians, it would be better to guarantee little ones, a good sleep and tranquility, so as not to interrupt the routine and daily rhythms, so as not to deal in the following days, with those disorders such as insomnia and lack of appetite.

The pediatricians, therefore, suggest that you prefer an evening at home with family and friends, so that the child can stay in his environment.

Established that the dinner will be made at home, one of the first things to consider is How to organize the party. The first thing to consider is to prefer friends with children, better if in the same age, so that it becomes easier to manage the evening having the same needs.

At this point, you need to take the organization for the dinner and games to entertain children. According to some indications of American pedagogists, it is very important Involve the little ones in the holiday preparations: "Prepare the last year's party with children, it is also a way to have fun together in an educational way".

In fact, to actively participate in the little ones, it is an opportunity, for everyone, of growth. Because, sharing good intentions for the new year and all manual jobs how to prepare festoons or set the table, strengthens the family union. In addition, pedagogists continue, a truly-formative experience, would read aloud the letterings with positive purposes for the new year and sharing them at midnight all together.

But what ideas are to spend a last year, particular, in joy and without stress? Here's some.

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