Corinaldo tragedy: what can be done because it never happens

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From the music industry to parents, passing from institutions, boys and parents: here's what to do to prevent tragedies to be repeated

There are still six (su seven) patients with a serious condition at the regional hospital of turrets, after being involved in the tragedy of the blue lantern Clubbing of Corinaldo. Of these, all in private prognosis, one remains in assisted ventilation.

Therefore you are the number of people who have lost their lives in the evening between 7 and 8 December waiting to hear sing sphere ebbasta.

«Com 'it is possible that such a thing happens? That of the boys went to an event to rejoice they are involved in a tragedy and that some of them, together with a mother, losing life?»This is asked with Amadesse Vincenzo Hope, President of Assomusica, the Italian Association Organizers and Manufacturers of live music shows, commenting on the incident.

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