The words "Father" and mother "on the identity card

The title identity card will return the words "Father" and "mother" instead of a more generic parents ". The novelty, strongly wanted by the government but rejected by the Privacy Guarantor, is in the Official Journal.

The words "Mother" and "Father" will return to the Identity Cards of Minors instead of the generic parents. The provision was published in the Official Journal and the news was given by the Viminale.

According to the law in force on the identity card, the names of the "parents" must appear while hours need to specify the sex of both.

The novelty so desired by the government and now became a reality had been rejected by the Privacy Guarantor, Antonello Soro, for the "discriminatory effects" that achieved. On 31 October 2018, the guarantor had requested the possible modification of the information reported on the electronic identity card of minors precisely regarding the indication of those who can request the release of the document. The need to specify the sex and the role of parents by identifying them as a "father" and mother "is discriminatory against parents of the same sex.

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