Discover the Ninfa garden in Lazio with children, hidden marvel

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The Ninfa garden in Lazio is a magical and secret place a stone's throw from Rome and Latina, to be discovered with children to get lost in nature.

Of hidden wonders Italy is full and our journey hunting the destinations and destinations to visit with children is a itinerary up and down the peninsula that led us to the discovery of Atrani in Campania, but also to the Castle of Sirmione in Lombardy and Collodi, in Tuscany, to meet Pinocchio. Today instead the journey starts from the province of Latina: let's go to the beautiful Nymph garden in Lazio, An incredible destination immersed in nature. The New York Times has even put it in the rural ranking of the world's most romantic gardens! And in fact this private park open to the public a few kilometers from Latina and Rome is really a show in which to get lost, to return to an era that still fascinates young and old. Here's all that is to know to visit the Ninfa garden with children.

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