Roman restaurant forbidden to children: storm on the web

A Roman restaurateur, tired of the rudeness of the small patrons (but above all parents), has exhibited an eloquent sign with which he invites parents with children under the five years following not to stop in his club. The opinions of mothers on social media are divided.

It's a few days ago the news that you saw in the eye of the cyclone a Roman restaurant, The fraschetta of fish, whose manager, called "the commander", has long exposed a prohibition sign of access to children under the age of 5.

The drastic solution would have been conceived a couple of years. The drop that broke the vase? Exhausted by the loath and the disappearance caused by a table with 5 children too lively, he asked parents to calm their little boys, collecting a disheartening: "I can't mica tie them!"

Hence the choice to prohibit the entrance to small children, confusion and bulky strollers, because, as it reveals the man in an interview with

"parents don't know them anymore educate [... I have a small place and I couldn't get the slalom between strollers and screaming children running for the room.

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