Laughing is good for mom and baby in the belly

Laughing promotes the release of endorphins and the feeling of wellness reaches the child in the belly


It is known that stress in pregnancy causes problems not only to the mother, but also to the child, confirmation comes from numerous studies who have investigated the methods with which the emotions tried by his mother affect the fetus and how to arrive up to he.
A 2010 study conducted by Nagasaki University discovered, for example, that if the future mom watched funny and comedian videos even the children in the belly seemed to have fun. The research involved fifteen pregnant women and divided into three groups: one had to look at comic videos, The second of the dramatic sad videos and the third of neutral videos.
The investigations conducted by Japanese researchers show that when mothers also laughed the children seemed to have fun because they moved more in the belly. On the contrary when mothers saw sad videos, negative emotions seemed to get to the child who remained motionless.

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To convince the researchers of the fact that the emotions of the mother were also perceived by the baby were also the blood tests that revealed how in the blood of children increased the levels of catecholamines, hormones that are released in response to stress and pushing blood out of the uterus by decreasing the blood supply to the child's brain.

But confirmation that maternal emotions arrive at the fetus also comes from other newer studies. For example, a search for the University of Helsinki has discovered that if during pregnancy the mother regularly eats chocolate, which gives a feeling of well-being, guarantees a good intake of antioxidants and substances that favor good humor, it is more likely than the newborn both serene and smiling.

To devote oneself to their passions and what makes us feel good, therefore, guarantees benefits both to physical and mental health of mother and unborn child.

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Listen to the favorite music It causes a profound feeling of well-being and promotes relaxation; Laughing unleashes the release of endorphins, Substances acting from natural analgesics and guarantee the good mood. Dance It can be a great way to keep fit during pregnancy and having fun, freeing mind and body.

There Ventr danceAnd, for example, it is not at all contraindicated in pregnancy, indeed. Oriental, cheerful and relaxing music allows you to free your mind from thoughts and let yourself go to rhythm, moving your body and sides in a sweet and natural way. A real tapoccasana not only for the mood, but also for the muscles that will be involved hard during childbirth. The typical rotary movements of the belly, in fact, are very similar to the exercises that are offered during the traditional courses prepared and strengthen the muscles and areas of perineum and belly.

Call for stress, therefore, we make the positive feelings prevail and we never lose the opportunity to give us a fat laugh!

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