Grandma's recipes for children

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Those who remember those Sundays spent at home grandparents? Here are the recipes of the grandmother for simple children and to remain impressed, not just in the mouth!

Those perfumes of the past, the sauté made with fresh vegetables just cut into the kitchen, the homemade custard, the cake always ready, freshly baked, every Sunday. And then those tasty dishes that were impressed in the mind of those children who were now grown. Here then a triplet of grandmother's recipes for children, to return a little back and savor our own memories. Starting from the appetizers that filled the table to call all the diners, to go to the first. Then a break to chat with relatives and then off with seconds and contours. He was at that moment that the children could get off and going to play, while the adults spreading leaving a place to dessert. There has come to mouth water? Come to the kitchen with us! You have no embarrassment of the choice.

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  • Grandmother recipes for children: seconds
  • Grandmother's recipes for children: contours
  • Grandma's recipes for children: sweets

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