Maternity department: nine pregnant nurses together

Source: Maine Medical Center of Portland

A photo turned viral on social media: Nine Nurse of the Maine Medical Center Mainly Department of Portland portraits together and... pregnant. To communicate the news the hospital itself, which posed photos and congratulations to future mothers.

Between April and July nine extra storks will land at the Maine Medical Center in Portland, in the United States. Nine nurses of the maternity department of the structure are indeed pregnant. Pregnant simultaneously and without doing it on purpose.

To give the good news the hospital itself, which on March 23 has decided to publish on social photos and related congratulations to future mothers (with a photo that retracts nine of them with a belly and in a row).

Remotely very little, the image has become viral.

In the opening photo, in order of presumed delivery of delivery, from left to right we: Erin Grenier, Rachel Stellmach, Brittney Verville, Lonnie Soucie, Amanda Spear, Samantha Giglio, Nicole Goldberg, Nicole Barnes, and Holly Selby.


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