Rays: unconvalized children remain at school

Source: IPA

The mayor of Rome, Virginia rays, informed the various ministers of the passage of the motion that guarantees the educational continuity of the children enrolled in the nursery and at the childhood school whose parents have not yet acquitted the obligation of vaccination. Lorenzin's answer: "You can't joke about our children's skin".

The entire Capitolina assembly has judged the non-vaccination in schools as a condition dI do not hinder the continuity of the educational path, which represents psychoDidactic condition to guarantee everyone in total equity. In fact, Virginia rays, mayor of Rome, informed the Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin with a letter, the Minister of Education Valeria Fedeli, the president of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti and the president of the Anci Antonio Device DellApproval of motion on the need to respect didactic and educational continuity for all pupils not yet vaccinated.

The Minister of Health has responded to the rays: "You can't joke about our children's skin". In fact, Beatrice Lorenzin reiterated that the #Vaccini decree has also been studied to protect those children too small to be vaccinated and those suffering from diseases for which they cannot access vaccinations.

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