Guys on Instagram and Social: instructions for parents

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Socials are an integral part of the life of our children. But we parents really know what happens in that virtual reality? We have to leave or intervene? And if yes, how? We asked three experienced authors of the book "cyberbullying. Complete guide for parents, boys and teachers.

With the first media, but in some cases already with the first communion, most children receive a smartphone as a gift. The entrance door to the world of social networks: Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp the most popular among young people. And if on the one hand we today's parents are much more apprehensive than previous generations, we don't leave children at home alone, we accompany them everywhere..., the phone instead we give it to light heart.

"The boys have a decidedly superior computer skillfulness than that of their parents. AND In front of this wisdom adults arroting by renouncing their role of educators"Alerts Mauro Berti of the Postal Police, Coountrain together with Michele Facci and Serena Volume Valorzi" Cyberbullying. Complete guide for parents, boys and teachers "(revenue).

"Instead It is very important that parents resume their role of driving even in the digital field.

We asked the three authors what advice to give parents to manage this relationship with social media and how to deal with the problems related to cyberbullying.

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