Rabbit School - The Guardians of the Golden Egg ": at the cinema from 29 March

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The animation film "Rabbit School - The Guardians of the Golden Egg", directed by the German director Ute Von Münchow-Pohl and distributed by Cloud Movie, will be in Italian cinemas from Thursday 29 March. Here are some more information and synopsy!

Thursday, March 29th the animation film will be released in Italian cinemas Rabbit School - The Guardians of the Golden Egg, Directed by German director Ute von Münchow-Pohl and distributed by Cloud Movie.

The film, freely taken from the homonymous book for children of the writer Albert Sixtus and illustrated by Fritz Koch-Gotha, was presented at the 47th edition of the Giffoni Film Festival. Tell the story of the young city rabbit Max, which has always cultivated the dream of entering the gang bump wave rabbits.

But it happens that, due to a plane crash, Max ends up in a forest, finding himself in one Legendary school for Easter rabbits. The protagonist adapts to the life of the school, where, in addition to the discipline, he learns to protect himself from the foxes and to decorate the splendid eggs to give to humans.

But the legendary school, in which there seems to be so much harmony, suddenly found in danger. In fact, a bizarre family of foxes eliminated plans to appropriate Easter and very precious gold egg which belongs to rabbits since the oldest times.

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During the events Max will receive the help of the Sweet Bunny Emmi, of the lectures of the enigmatic Madame Hermine and Fritz, school teacher, and will learn the secret magic of the Easter bunnies. Will also learn that the place is the place where your heart is located and where I never justice alone. The friendly protagonist will succeed in saving Easter?

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