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Punish children: right or wrong? Let's take stock with Sara Convertini, Pedagogista and Curator of the EroSechemamma blog.

Punish children tips

Some parents and educators believe that punish children For a trouble or an incorrect action it can be an effective method to make the scope of the error committed and make sure that this error does not repeat anymore. But we are sure that it's really like this? According to Sara Convertini, pedagogist prodigy of advice and curator of the Berthemamma blog, the punishment It should be understood as an almost coercive method and the obedience that derives it is a forced obedience, linked only to the fear of punishment by the parent or educator.

It is right to punish children?

In preschool or school age (let's talk about 6-7), the child, often, does not understand the motivation of his mistake. The punishments, Then, they will do the little one does not repeat the error but only for a matter "mechanics": at the base, in fact, there will be no understanding of having actually done something wrong but fear, for example, to receive a spanking.

How to give rules to children

How to behave then? Punish or not? How to give rules to children and make the respectfulness? If we want to make it understood children that a certain thing should not be done, we must communicate with them, explaining about our reasons and arguing. Continuous dialogue is the secret of an effective educational relationship, even when we deal with children.

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