Psychopharmaci to children: no to abuse

In our articles on child psychosis we welcomed several criticisms from some parents against psychiatric drugs and to go to the question we interviewed Luca Poma, journalist and spokesperson for the Committee "Hands off the children"

In our articles on child psychosis we welcomed several criticisms from some parents Contrary to psychotropic drugs And to go to the question we interviewed Luca Poma, journalist and committee spokesperson "Hands off the children, that explains how in America over eleven million minors are treated with psychoactive drugs in an attempt to solve their inner maleseri and that alarming data also involve other nations such as France.

The International Narcotic Control Board of the UN confirms that...The use of exciting substances such as methylphenidate / retention deficit care / hyperactivity disorders (ADHD) increased by a surprising 100% in more than 50 countries. In many countries - Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom - The use of narcotic substances could reach high levels as those of the United States..."
Luca, what exactly is the hands of the children ?
First of all, it is a risky and won bet. That of gathering around a virtual table many realities of the associative and cooperative world, which presented characteristics of such a high incompatibility to be impossible even if only any type of communication that was not exquisitely formal. What can a student union in common with a university reserved for the third age? A hospital or a ASL with an association that makes "non-therapy pharmacology" their flag?
An association of psychiatrists with a group that promotes the use of alternative medicines? A conservative Catholic movement with an extreme left-handed movement?  A great national union with a club of entrepreneurs and accountants? "Hands off children" is all this and much more: a real "Committee", "Association of Associations", composed of very different realities l 'one from the other, and with sometimes divergent purposes, which gather permanently around a table and agree to devote part of their time, of one's attention and their resources to a perceived mission as a common. And if we think that today «Hands off children» Consortia one hundred and fourth among associations, large associative power plants, cooperatives and other realities of the Third Sector - a number that continues without stopping to grow - that's why we can talk about won bet. But the form cannot be separated from the substance; And this is all the more true in our case because precisely on such a "sensitive" and concrete theme these institutions have found a meeting point: The defense of the right to health of minors, and children in particular. Children and adolescents as weak and exposed to abuse, but also as "strong" subjects in their potential, because, if adequately protected - with discrete but punctual attention, without interference and without claiming to impose "models" - are in degree to repay each effort.
- Luca, as you have reacted following alarming data that emerged from the research mentioned above?
We decided to play in advance, because if we had a soft hope, it was to mature an adequate advantage in terms of consensus consensus between the public. We know that medication multinationals count on huge funds and a robust "fire capacity" in terms of marketing, advertising and manipulation of public opinion. We could, and we can only use two weapons: the intellectual honesty of most of the national scientific community, less sensitive to the lusting of money than the overseas colleagues, and the frankness of the people of the peninsula, which more than in Other countries seems to be honestly to heart the future of the new generations. Strong of these two assumptions, and with some human and financial resources, we started to activate our network of relationships and to set up an action plan.
We started - unforgettable, those first phases - to "test" the interest of our fellow citizens, in Turin, preparing enormous and funny flyers, photocopies on cardboard to the Hospital Molinette (third hospital polo of Italy, will become there A little co-promoter of the campaign) and distributing them in schools, medical studies, and on the occasion of engaging cultural events and families.
We participated in some conference and released some interviews. In short, we moved the first steps. The feeling was that it was a very current problem: it was, in fact, in full swing the infamous "prism project", a multicentric survey funded with funds from the Ministry of Health, but managed by private research poles, which we know how to be also Among the most active receptors of research funding provided in Italy by "Big Pharma". This investigation highlights such a resounding result, considered the methods of carrying out the research, and the typology of the institutions that coordinated it: almost 10% of Italian children, practically 1 out of 10, to say they would suffer from mental turbe, disruption of the psyche, various syndromes. Curable in many cases - but strange! - With the most appropriate pharmacological therapies. We were, therefore, on the right track: we had to activate ourselves on a large scale in the country to prevent this kind of abuse. The idea was not that of counteract the interests of the drug industry or continue to develop one, in our opinion, useless prohibition culture on psychopharmaceous theme, but to reaffirm precise limits of ethical character: Yes, to psychoactive drugs, but only what last therapeutic resource and not as a first-line response; No, however, to psychotropic drugs about minors and children especially if discomfort is negotiable with non-pharmacological intervention. No, in an absolute sense, to those psychiatric drugs with a negative risk / benefit ratio, because the idea that some molecules "just use them well", when they are actually dangerous in medium-long term iatrogenic effects, is just a myth. No, to the drug culture understood as "easy answer" and as a gradually de-empowering shortcut; Yes, instead, to a sufficiently correct, complete and objective information, such as to guarantee parents the possibility of developing a possible consent to therapy really informed; Yes, above all, to reaffirming the full right to therapeutic choice, because it is false to claim that the only one, or the best, alternative both the drug, myth that is accompanied by that in vogue in the 20th century in the West - fortunately Anch 'It on the avenue of the sunset - of the strictly organic origin of every discomfort of the psyche and behavior.
- Because you have created a campaign against psychiatric drugs? It does not believe that some types of disorders need a pharmacological treatment? (Always and absolutely recommended only by a specialist doctor obviously)
Prudently, numerous experts claim the thesis that, before proceeding to the massive administration of a psychiatric drug aimed at "cure hiding symptoms" - without solving the real problem at the source of discomfort -, it is essential to consider the clinical and psychological situation with great attention of the child as a whole, and for this reason the professional figures of the pediatrician, psychologist, pedagogist and nutritionist must return protagonists. On the contrary, the psychopharmaco, which became almost "a fashion", is today too often the «solution» easier: the tablet to delegate with superficiality the solution of each problem, including those of an exquisitely social and environmental nature. The alarm for an improper medicalization of childhood inconveniences is growing, in most of the countries of the Western world, and there is no wall "around Italy: the marketing techniques used by the producers In our country they are exactly the same ones used in any other nation. We are convinced of the need and possibility of identifying a third way, a different solution to behavior problems, which do not pass through the chronicization of a therapy that solves only the symptoms without cure anything. Psychopharmaco is a symptomatic, it is not a cure.
It was passed as a cure also in Italy for years, from those who have defined a priests of scientific morality, "ready to tear off their clothes before anyone questioned the opportunity to administer a methampy to a 6 year old child. Well, we were convinced then and we are increasingly convinced that they can exist other solutions, and a growing part of the scientific community is by means of converging on our positions, which are not extremist positions, but are positions of prudence, of a certain alarm, of Reflection, of intellectually honest scientific investigation, of desire to get involved and to dig deep to look for the roots of discomfort, instead of relying acritically to a vending machine of happiness pills. It is obvious that there are even serious behavior problems in modern childhood, only a blind or an extremist on anti-psychiatric positions may deny it: this is not under discussion, however, the land on which this match is played, It's like us adults let's answer this request to the help of the little ones. We want to pursue ephemeral solutions that make the child more acceptable to the world of adults, or really want to make good service to the minor, giving them tools to manage its problems really effective in the long term?
- What are the motivations that push many parents to turn to you?
The desire not to give simplistic answers, accompanied by the willingness to actually get involved as parents and as educators, growing together with the child and looking together real solutions to his problems
- How to join your association?
Hands off children is not a traditionally intended association, to which a single person can join, but a consortium of institutions and associations. However anyone can contact us on www.GiulemanidaIbbini.Org, any citizen with some free time, and help us altructically to fight this cultural battle of civilization, which is taking all of us to reflect on our way to relate to the world of childhood
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