Proposal law: Maternity departments with double bed and larger delivery pools

In Great Britain, it discusses a bill that wants double beds and pools for double childbirth in hospitals.

A bed near your wife if a man wants to remain beside her, especially in view of a complicated birth.

The plan is part of an allocation of 25 million pounds, by the government, to increasingly involve men during childbirth. But, the expense, worries the British National Health Service, since, throughout the country you have to face public spending cuts and the rate of birth rate increases.

The Minister of Health, Dan Poulter, proposes a service where various hospitals will have to offer double beds and larger delivery pools in maternity departments. Poulter claims that this service is useful because it should help keep families together and give them greater psychological support. In fact, the minister states that the period after the birth of the child is clearly a moment of great joy, but it is also a moment of strong stress for parents, so much so that relationships are most likely to break within the year small."

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