First female daughter in the family after over 100 years. The story of the Silverton

Four generations of males and finally a female. The British Silverton family after 101 years had the joy of the birth of a sissy, Poppy. Their history and family photos.

The last female daughter in their family was born back to 1913. She was called Jessy Silverton, at the time of her in Great Britain reigned Giorgio Vi, the First World War was on the doorstep and women had no right to vote. From that day no one among them had had the joy of being able to say: "And a sissy".

Jeremy Silverton, 43, and the companion Danielle Andrews, 36, welcomed their baby. They decided to call it poppy. She is the first female daughter in the family after 101 years.

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The images of the Silverton family and the first female daughter had after 100 years

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The Silverton family finally celebrates the arrival of the first female daughter in the family. Danielle Andrews, 36, gave birth to a little girl named Poppy. The last daughter...

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