Ploi, new animation film for children, at the cinema from November 21st

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On November 21, 2019 it will be in all Italian cinemas "Ploi", animation film that tells the story of a piviera chick named Ploi, who, since he is afraid of flying, fails to migrate together with his Family to the hottest countries. Left alone, with the help of some friends, he will have to pull out all the courage of him to face so many dangers, finally becoming a true hero.

"Ploi", new animation film created by the Icelandic animation study Gunhil, a branch of Sagafilm, and from the Belgian 3D animation study Cyborn and produced by the "Minerva Pictures" and from "others Stories, will be at the cinema from November 21st 2019.

It is a feature film that tells the story of a Plou name ploi chick. Every year, in winter, many migratory birds return to hot countries, traveling for a long time. Among them there is a flock of drops guided by "Dad" trying to protect them during that long and dangerous flight, even if, unfortunately, some are attacked by Shadow, a terrible hawk that terrifies them.

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With Dad's expert guide, the small Ploi chick learns to trap the food and during one of Him excursions meets Little Ploverery. The two become inseparable, discovering new places and experiencing new experiences. Everyone who dreams of becoming the fastest plover and the next flock leader.

Ploi and Ploveria

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