Because New Year is called San Silvestro night?

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December 31st the end of the year is celebrated, but because it is called "Night of St. Silvestro? Who was this saint and what legends revolve around him?

The New Year has always been a moment of conviviality, union and budgets. A way to take stock of just spent year and throw the basics of good intentions for what will arrive. Often you go hunting ideas on what to do and how to celebrate the last year in a symbolic way, with fun activities that can also excite children and not just adults who understand at most the scope. But not everyone knows that the last of the year also has a second name: Why is it Night of St. Silvestro? Who was San Silvestro and because it is dedicated to him tonight with a high rate of meaning and symbolism?

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  • Because it's called St. Silvestro night and when you celebrate?
  • The origins of the New Year
  • San Silvestro's life
  • Movie to see at New Year

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