For the Von Mew family the time stopped at 1940!


An English couple transformed his home into a temple of the vintage: furniture, paintings, accessories, clothes... Everything is exactly as if you were there in the years 40 and the arrival of a child has not dismissed their lifestyle!

For Kitten and Raph von Mew the clock hands are still at 1940.

The pair of Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare's Natio Place) has indeed shaped its everyday life on uses and costumes of the roaring century that changed the history of humanity. The common passion for the past pushed the two spouses to this radical choice of life that, although do not totally repudiate modernity (internet and social networks are from the von MEW), Turn every day into a history re-enactment hyper-detailed. And they are excited!

"My life is a long flashback - said Kitten at the Daily Mail - but I prefer this to the banal modern world"

Every morning Miss Kitten (which legally changed the name of her; before her was called Michelle) He gets up early to settle the Complex hairstyle, as well as choose one of the over one hundred vintage outfits collected, and she goes to her newborn costume business that conciliates passion and work, while her husband Richard It goes to the construction company in which he is used, all-point dressed with high-waisted braghe, a vintage jacket and Well impeded babe. At the end of the day then, the two return to them Nest out of time.

Kitten Von Mew with her husband Richard

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