Fear of childbirth: how to deal with it

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To overcome the fear of childbirth it is useful to choose the hospital that makes us feel at ease, attend the courses prepared, share your anxieties with the trusted gynecologist and have the awareness that there is no way that's right or giving birth.

Until'last quarter the problem does not arise because the birth is seen as an event still far. And then he distracted himself from many other thoughts: the concern for visits and exams to do, prenatal diagnosis, disturbances of the various months. At one point, however, we realize that the date is approaching and the fear takes: as childbirth will be? I will hear pain? I will be good at pushing? And if something goes wrong?

There fear of childbirth It is actually a normal fear, because it is normal that all there is'they: "if it is the first birth, c'it is'unknown not to know what you go to meet the psychologist and psychotherapist will be saucer. "If instead of parts there have already been there and there'experience was not the best, to scare it is the memory of the past. In both cases, childbirth is intimately perceived as an obstacle to overcome, something dangerous. A fear that persists despite the progress of medicine and that is clinically called tocophobia ". How to overcome, then, the tocophobia?

In this article

  • Fear and childbirth pain
  • Don't think too unpredictable
  • Pain: C is, but you can overcome
  • Surrounded by positive people
  • Don't be afraid to hurt the child!
  • Don't keep everything inside
  • He attended the prepared course
  • Accept the change
  • Get ready to lose control

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