Cold pasta: 5 summer recipes for children

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What is better to take to the beach or to offer in the summer to children if not a nice plate of cold pasta? Here is a bit of ideas, easy and fast, to realize so many delicious and original

Cold pasta or pasta salad: However the chiamiate is the recipe Ideal to consume in summer, perhaps in an outdoor lunch or directly on the beach. It has the great advantage that you can even prepare in advance, just have the actor to keep it in the fridge to prevent it from breaking with the heat.
There cold pasta, Excellent alternative to the rice salad, it is an ideal dish to offer a to children And to make even more tasty with some delicious ideas. You can use all kinds of pasta, even if the short one is more practical, try using the integral one, a touch for health.
Thus 5 cold pasta recipes dedicated to children.

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  • Cold pasta with cherry tomatoes, mozzarellaine and pesto
  • Cold pasta with peas and cooked ham
  • Cold pasta with feta and melon
  • Cold pasta with zucchini and ricotta
  • Cold pasta with broccoli and edamame

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