Gives birth to San Pietro: Papa offers hospitality to homeless mom and baby


Irene came to the world Tuesday night in front of the Piazza San Pietro colonnade. To help Mom Maria Claudia, a policewoman, she also named Maria. The little one is well and weighs 2.9 kg. The Pope offered a year of mother and daughter hospitality.

Come to the world in the Vatican in a strict winter night. To heat it, the jacket of a policewoman, Mary, coming to you and to his mother.

The little Irene was born Tuesday night in front of the colonnade of Piazza San Pietro, in the Vatican. She weighs 2.9 kg and is fine. The mother of her, Maria Claudia, is a 36-year-old Romanian homeless who had sought shelter from the cold right near the Basilica of San Pietro. And she gave birth about Piazza Pio XII sidewalk.

At the arrival of the ambulance the baby was still tied with the umbilical cord to the mother. Both were admitted to Holy Spirito Hospital, a few hundred meters from San Pietro.

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