Amusement parks for children: parents' tips

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Likes adults and children and over the years they have refined attractions and activities. Here are all the advice to go to an amusement park together with your child.

Spring has now arrived, summer instead is upon us and this is the time of the perfect year to enjoy the sun, warm and beautiful days of trips out of door together. An idea that never tires and that convinces big and old is that of amusement parks: Located throughout Italy, from north to south, amusement parks are a real must for all families who want to live unique and unrepeatable moments in the company of children. Let's find out together with Maurizio Chrysanti - Blogger and experienced amusement parks for professionally - everything there is to know about this theme.

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Tips for parents at the fun park

  • Program the visit on weekdays
  • Attention to the methods of purchasing tickets and timetables

Among the advice of Maurizio Chisanti C is definitely to plan the visit, if possible, in weekdays. The experience will be better given the lower turnout and memory - for children and parents - will certainly be memorable. Another example? Also the purchase of tickets and choosing some times can help you make a day perfect in an amusement park.

The right age to go to an amusement park with children

There is an exact age to experience the experience of amusement parks together with children. The advice is to visit the park website that you choose to visit, be it thematic, aquatic or adventure park, to best plan the day.

You can also see the limitations of the various attractions related to age or in height, or with regard to prices - in some cases you don't pay up to a height meter - and the accessibility of attractions. In this way you will not be disappointed when the child will want to take a ride on the roller coaster that maybe includes a minimum height of 140 centimeters.

If you have special needs about food or mobility, it is good to take contact with the park to get all the necessary information.

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The equipment for amusement parks

  • Suitable shoes (or sea slippers if aquatic park)
  • bonnet
  • Replacement t-shirt (if water park)

First of all Suitable shoes, a bonnet it's a spare t-shirt If the park hosts aquatic attractions will tackle the day in the best way. The shoes can be sea slippers in a water park, But it is not recommended to face complex attractions with too open shoes. You are in contact with steps, metal parts, and you must also be able to move quickly, to avoid the wave raised by a aquatic attraction. In the Adventure parks, where an activity involving the physicist is expected and tests the equilibrium qualities, it will be better to have a trekking shoes or at least from gymnastics - not of tennis - to face walking in the woods and air routes.

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