Pope Francis: "If I could make a miracle I would recover all the children"

Source: Alamy.COM / IT

"If I could make a miracle they would recover all the children. This is one of Pope Francis's answers to the letters to children collected in the book "The love before the world" of Bergoglio, from tomorrow in Library (Rizzoli). "I wasn't able to understand why children suffer. For me it is a mystery. I don't know how to give an explanation. I interrog on this.

If you could make a miracle? Because you like playing soccer? My mom is in paradise, she has wings? How Jesus did to walk on water?

These are some of the naive questions asked by children to Pope Francis. The answers of these letters written by the children of all the continents were collected in a book, on newsstands tomorrow, which is titled "Love before the world" and published by Rizzoli.

Among the answers drawn from the book, to a child, William, who asks him that miracle would do, if only he could, Bergoglio replies: "If I could make a miracle would recover all the children who suffer".

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