Pakistan: attack at military school. Massacre of children


There are at least 120 little dead in the Taliban attack against a school in Pakistan managed by military. It happened yesterday in Peshawar, a Pakistani city already known for its violence and clash area between the government of Islamabad and the extremist groups Taliban. "They came to look for us in the classes, they aimed at the pile," say the survivors.

Many were students, some were elementary school students. They were used as a human shield, to protect themselves before detonating the explosive belt they had linked to life.

It happened to it yesterday Peshawar, in Pakistan, in one school managed by military. In total, yesterday in the evening, the dead were 145. 132 were students, 120 of these were children. A budget that could grow in the coming hours.

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Massacre of children in a school in Peshwar, Pakistan

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It happened yesterday, in the morning. Six armed people broke into a school run by military in Peshwar, in Pakistan. And they made a massacre. In the evening the dead was 145. 132...

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