Nice: Woman Starts Travaglio during the attack

Source: Credit: Reuters / photographer: Eric Gaillard

Ninth month of pregnancy. And a Travaglio started right in the middle of the shooting after the truck run over 280 people overwhelmed. A woman gave birth to a child in the night of the Nice massacre, Thursday after 23. To help her, a lifeguard of Tunisian origins, for 25 years in France.

A Travaglio started in a strong time of stress. Fortunately the neo-mom was close to the alleged date of childbirth and the story ended with a happy ending.

A migrebian woman, probably of Tunisian origins, giving birth to a child shortly after 23 in Nice. The wires started during the terrorist attack of the man who mowed the crowd during the celebrations of July 14th. Over 280 people were overwhelmed by the crazy truck ride Guided by Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, Tunisian.

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