Bicycle baby boy: Yes or no?

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Babies can be transported by bicycle? Since you can carry a child to the biblicetta? What are the rules to follow? We asked Silvia Malaguti di Fiab (Italian Federation of Environment and Bicycle), an expert in education and bicycle training in schools.

Cycling is an ecological activity and which contributes to the well-being of the whole family. But newborns can be transported by bicycle? Since you can start bringing a baby by bicycle? We clarify these questions that more than one neogenitor will be placed at least once in a lifetime.

Learn more We interviewed Silvia Malaguti Di Fiab (Italian Environment and Bicycle Federation), expert in Education and Bicycle Education in Schools and Coatrix of the Book Children by bike - Recommendations and good practices for pedaling in the family (Edicycle Editore).

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