Morgan and Bode Miller warn parents: here's how they drowned their daughter

Source: IPA Agency

Messages to raise awareness of all parents, because we must never lose sight of a small child. The sportsman Bode Miller and his wife Morgan warn on their Instagram page by posting the photo of the 19-month daughter, dead by drowning last June

"I wish I could have one more day to be able to tighten you, but as I wait for that day you arrive, I continue to work on me and give me strength to spread awareness, my love. While I kept you, I told you you could have changed the world, you could still have moved mountains. Every step we do is thanks to you and to levi [three-year-old child, he also died by drowning - ed. The footprints of your steps will remain forever in this world. I love you, my baby.

This is the heartbreaking message of Mother Morgan Miller, vollavolist and wife of the ex-skier USA, Bode Miller, published on his page Instagram two days ago together with a photo in which he shakes his daughter of 19 months, Emeline. The little one in the picture is intubated and moribonda, after falling into the pool of the near last June.

The baby does not make it.

I Wish I Could Have One More Day to Hold You, But Until That Day Comes, Continue To Work Through Me and Give Me The Strength To Bring Awareness, My Love. The Told You AS I Held You in This Moment That You Could Still Change The World, You Could Still Move Mountains. Every Step We Take Forward is Because of You and Levi. Your Footprint Will Forever Be Left on This World. I Love You, My Baby Girl.

A post shared by Morgan Miller (@morganebeck) on: Aug 17, 2018 at 10:20 PDT

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