Mindfulness at school: can serve?

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Mindfulness could help reduce anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia, as well as lowering pressure. And at school? He could help at the unauthorized students?There are benefits?

Agitated children, little concentrated. There mindfulness can help? And at school? There are benefits?

Grace: my son is always agitated, especially at school. Every time I ask him to do something green fists and teeth. I can't get him concentrate and stand still. Mindfulness recommended me: will serve?
Marianna: from this year in my daughter's class you play mindfulness, as you say. She really likes! I realized that the teacher's secret is to propose many games with animals as protagonists, to learn breathing techniques. I hope you continue.
Simona: I tried to do mindfulness at home with my daughter, but I failed! At school? It could be a good initiative, but perhaps I would try something to show off more physically children. At their age they have energy to sell.

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