Mantua: the father of the fell fell in the little one talks

Source: Reuters

6 years of Dosolo, in the province of Mantua. The little Marco has not made it. Sunday 10 July he was involved in an accident in the little one while he was returning to the boxes. Speaks the father of the little one, accused on the social media to have put his son riding.

He didn't want to become the next Valentino Rossi. And not even he was a fan of engines.

It's another story behind the little Marco, 6 years old, Dead due to the fall on a minimoto Sunday 10 July, which took place at the Racing Park of Viadana, Mantua. The Cristian father tells her in an interview published in the

The forty year old is not there and following all the criticisms received on social media after Marco's death, he was confided by journalists. Marco played soccer, tennis, basketball, he loved swimming. He was not a baby pilot, as they say. The truth is that I gave him a course of five lessons for the sixth birthday of him and at the end of the second, when the bike was already off, the misfortune has happened



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