Young mother

"I took all the chatter of the people and I was abandoned by all the friends, but if I could go back I would do it back, because all these sacrifices have served me to meet a wonderful man smaller than me of 4 years who love me infinitely And with whom I conceived my second miracle. So I am a strafelice of my God's gifts and to have become a mother at 18!"

At 17 I fell in love with a 11 year older man than me... therefore of 28 years, and already at this news to my mother moments takes a heart attack.

After 8 months together, of which 5 passed to live together 24 hours a day at my mother's house, I make my fateful 18 years and a few days later I finish at the emergency room because going to the bathroom doing the pee I see blood and not being Under cycle and taking even the pill for a year they could not even anticipate. They tell me that these are cystitis with bleeding: they make me a nice puncture of antibiotic and tell me to stay in bed and drink so much water.

The day after still blood then comes the home doctor and gives me another antibiotic to take and the famous monuril for cystitis. Ok, finally almost 15/20 later it's all passed back to work next to my boyfriend. I feel strange tired, breathless, but the doctor and friends tell me that it is normal because I took antibiotics. "Ok, I say.

Then a day like I get out of bed faint. I remain in bed and try again the next day. Ditto, how I got up headboards and loss of senses. I finish my pill and no cycle. The doctor returns and says it's a influence that struck me immediately after caring for him because he found me debilitated. Offi, it starts again with the antibiotic.

After a while days, some blood speck not really a cycle, but the doctor calms me saying that they can be the drugs that block the cycle.

The second month always worse: in bed with abdominal pain, a little fever and no cycle. My mother away for a vacation My friend tells me: "Let's take a visit to the gynecologist for security?". I: "But yes, after all I have never done one, maybe it's even now, no???". Of her call her gynecologist, loaded me by car and takes me to her.

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