Macron gives citizenship to Sans-Papier who saved a child in Paris

Source: IPA

He saved a child suspended in the void hanging on a fourth floor balcony in a Palace in Paris, climbing over the facade. The protagonist hero of this story is Mamoudou Gassama, 22-year-old Sans-Papier del Mali, in France from September. The head of the Macron state has announced that the French honorary citizenship will be granted.

He climbed to dexterity until the fourth floor of a building, literally launching himself from a railing to another and pulling up with his arms. Until you reach a child hanging out of the railing, saving it.

The protagonist of this deed of courage is called Mamoudou Gassama, is 22 years old and is in France since last September. He comes from Mali and is a Sans-Papier ". After this story, recovery and published on YouTube, he became a hero in France and was received at Eliseo by Emmanuel Macron, French President.

The Head of State announced that honorary citizenship will be granted and that he will be part of the firemen.

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