LEGO, the scientist dedicated to girls comes

She is called Professor C. Bodin and is the first woman soughter of the bricks world. No pink color and shaped figures, typical elements of girls games, but a hymn to science and career women.

"She passes all night in her Laboratory of her, and won the Nobrick award scope. And her tireless search for her and her studies of another spatial dimension of her allowed her to develop a method to exchange the parts of the body to your liking. An all respected curriculum vitae, that of Professor C. Bodin. Which to its successes can also add a decidedly remarkable record: she is in fact The first female figure to which Lego, well-known brand of toys, assigns a high level intellectual profession In his 81 years of history. Because so far you have seen, at most, the nurse, the librarian, the skater, the surfer, the pon-pon girl, the dancer, the maid, the bride, the fairy, the star of Hollywood, the mermaid, the Virgin of the forest


In short, the usual gender stereotypes that, especially in recent years, have attracted Danish society more than a criticism. Especially at one New line designed specifically for girls (historically the colorful bricks have been studied only for boys), which dropped the lego from the pan into the embers, because despite the advertising claim that promised to "bring a significant gambling experience to girls around the world," The new figures turned out to be different from the usual standard and, according to Maia Weinstock of Scientific American "pink and shell".

Now, with the arrival of Professor Bodin, Lego seems to have made amendment: an important step not only at the ideological level in the struggle for parity of the sexes, but also and above all for the formation of children. Because numerous studies agree that the strengthening of gender stereotypes through toys influence the world in which the little ones see themselves, making them feel not suitable for certain roles.


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