The stockings of the Befana: the "sweet" tradition of January 6 "

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That they have been good or mischievous, all the children, on January 6th, expect the sock of the Befana, which "closes" the period of the holidays and introduces the new year. Here are some... Very sweet idea in the gallery. And attention: some socks do not only contain sweets and sweets but also games, to prolong the effect of Christmas as long as possible...

You have been good or mischievous? This is the joking question they turn, close to Epiphany, parents to their children. In the dance, in fact, there is a very welcome prize: the Befana's stocking, that, by tradition, brings sweets and gifts to the best and coal children (sugared!) to those more unruly. There are also stockings that, in addition to desserts, also contain real gifts, to prolong the effect of Christmas. Here are some of them... taste!

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