The history of St. Patrick told children

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On March 17th San Patrizio is celebrated, the most loved party in Ireland. Let's see what it is and how to celebrate it with the little ones

On March 17, Ireland dresses green to celebrate Saint Patrick, The most important day of the year. It is also the most popular and felt festival by the Irish people resident abroad, which celebrates the very strong sense of belonging to the Irish homeland: s. Patrick, in fact, represents for all the communities of emigrants, the symbol of their national identity. Lovers of one's traditions, the Irish never gave up to celebrate the saint who evangelizzed their people in the first centuries of the Middle Ages, thus exporting the party around the world.

In this article

  • San Patrizio: History
  • San Patrizio: symbols
  • San Patrizio: the myth
  • San Patrizio: how to celebrate him at home
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