The little favor was entrusted to a couple of Palermo

The little favor, the girl of 9 months who lost his mother during the crossing to Italy, found a new family. For now we talk about entrusting: for adoption it will be necessary to verify that there are no relatives that claim the exclusive custody.

Everyone wanted to adopt them, even the doctor who lent her first aid, Piero Bartolo. But the Court of Minors has chosen the one that according to inspectors and psychologists is for her the most suitable family.

Thus the small favor, landed in Lampedusa without his mother, died during the journey, and defined by the President of the Republic Mattarella: "necessarily Italian", She was entrusted to a couple of Palermo.

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For now we talk about entrusting and not adopted. "We have the obligation to wait for the appearance on the scene of relatives of the small favor, starting with her father, if a father c is. We We must verify the assumption of the so-called abandonment. Checking any subjects that can be significantly bound to the girl. How we always do. Now we turn on the spotlight on this case that all moves, but for us unfortunately it is becoming routine.

Last year we had 5 arrived after a shipwreck alone to Lampedusa. Greeted and raised in a center of the province of Agrigento, we managed to make them reunit with Syrian parents found in Malta. Found thanks to the DNA exam..."Explain the prosecutor of Child Amalia Settineri at the Corriere della Sera.

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