"The most difficult part of being a mother" in a shot immortalized by a child of 5 years

Source: The Barefoot Mum

What is the most difficult part of maternity? According to a Mother Blogger and Australian photographer, Kelli Bannister, one of the hardest moments of maternity is that represented by an image from you published on her Facebook page. And immortalized by the five-year-old son. In the photo the 20-month daughter cries because of the influence of her, in her arms: a photo "real, raw", as she writes herself.

Kelli Bannister is a 30-year-old Australian mother who published on her facebook page "The Barefoot Mum" A very sweet and significant photo.

The image represents itself, exhausted due to whole nights without sleep, in the shower with the 20-month daughter, while trying to calm the small, suffering due to influence-related disorders.

The author of the exciting image is the eldest son of photographer, Taj, 5 years old. The child had entered the bathroom with her phone in her hand to inform her that he had received a message. He would then be found in front of the sweet embrace and he would take some photos.

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