The grandparents' party: 2 October 2012

Saints Grandparents of Italy! Present and affectionate with grandchildren, they are babysitters, shopping, cook and also go from the pediatrician. Today there are 12 million grandparents who deal with 7 million grandchildren (federation data). Savings given by having a grandfather, according to the Milan Chamber of Commerce, was estimated at about 200 euros a month per family

Present, affectionate and capable of teaching precious life lessons. Grandparents are irreplaceable figures in the childhood of every child who has become adult to remember forever cuddles, the stories told before going to sleep, games and the many carefree moments.

Forever reference figures in the growth and education of children, the grandparents from all over Italy are celebrated on October 2 with a civil recurrence that has become a seven-year national event with the law of the Italian Parliament (on 159 of 31 July 2005), just as happens for dad and mother, to celebrate the importance of their role within families and society and thank them for how much they do every day. The grandparents, in fact, not only contribute to the growth and education of grandchildren, but are also a fundamental support for parents and an important help for many voluntary associations

But because October 2nd? It is the date on which the Catholic Church celebrates the guardian angels, which just like grandparents protect and guard children. The establishment of the festival provides for the concrete commitment by local authorities (regions, provinces and municipalities) to establish initiatives to enhance the role of grandparents and an annual premium, delivered by the President of the Republic to the grandfather and to the grandmother D 'Italy.

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