The soul (and the image ...) Twin

A fun way to make a beautiful album of twin anime.

What is needed to play

- Some photos of mom and dad in original and in equal copies

- Scissors

- Glue

- A notebook

- A computer (if the photos are digital)

Game execution

Parents must give some of their photos, both old and new, to children, of which they will already have a photocopies (or computer printed), in color or even in black and white. Children at that point can cut the original and paste each photograph on the left page of the notebook, leaving the right one next to it. Then parents will be able to give the photocopies of printed photos, so that children can find the image equal to what they have already rejoiced and paste it on the blank page, next to the twin images. At that point they will have made a beautiful album of twin souls and on the last page can also have fun paste together that of mom and dad!

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