Italy: Calo Record of births

Less and less births, deaths increase, but the average number of children for women (1.34) remains unchanged. The ISTAT has just published the demographic indicators of the year just closed. Here are the estimates of 2017

In 2017 in Italy there were only 464 thousand births, a new historical minimum. And there is also a negative record for the difference between born and dead: -183 thousand.

According to the latest data just published by Istat.

"In 2017, 464 thousand counted birth, New historical minimum and 2% less than in 2016, when they had 473 thousand - reads the report -. THE deaths I am 647 thousand, 31 thousand more than 2016 (+ 5.1%). In relation to the number of residents, 10.7 individuals were deceased in 2017, every thousand inhabitants, against 10.1 in 2016. The natural balance in 2017 is negative (-183 thousand) and registers a historic minimum.

It is also estimated that in Italy on 1 January 2018 the population amounts to 60 million 494 thousand residents, almost 100 thousand less on the previous year (-1.6 per thousand).


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