Interview with Roberta del Blog "Sveva's shoes"

We have already had the pleasure of meeting Roberta and one of the blogs that care: " This time we asked you to give us some information about the other blog that sees the protagonist: "Sveva's shoes"

We already had the pleasure of meeting Roberta and one of the blogs you care: // robertafilavafilava.blogspot.COM /
This time we asked you to give us some information about the other blog that sees the protagonist: // www.creakit.blogspot.COM / - ALIAS Sveva's shoes.
This the premise you did before the interview:
"Sveva's shoes are a product in kit DIY (Do It Yourself) A kit equipped with all the necessary, pre-cut silhouettes, moulinè cotton mattassine, needle, various accessories and 5-point instructions with drawings and bilingual text. It consists of two lines, felt and cotton, in 5 models and 5 different colors for each line. It is a gift idea for a newborn child (0-3) and is for everyone, experts and not! The product is made in Italy and the materials are certified
Hi Roberta! We had the pleasure of knowing you better thanks to the interview on your blog. When and why you have decided to create: // www.creakit.blogspot.COM /?
In reality the blog "Sveva's shoes" was born before Robertafelavafilava because thanks to the shoes I resumed sewing after years of catch. University studies have engaged in other forms of creativity, I realized wooden plastics for design studios or for my exams, but at the same time I returned very useful when I resumed sewing because after years of improvisation now I finally acquired a method , a certain discipline, technical tools that have not had a girl.
Making the baby 0-3 m shoe kit was a truly interesting trial bench and an exciting creative impulse that now accompanies me daily and that I wanted to share with other people.
But the shoe kit product would not be born without my workmate and especially life and therefore even the blogs and the whole world that turns around.
The shoes you make are wonderful. Who helps you in their creation?
More than a year ago I started sewing for the first time of the shoes for a child of a friend coming and while I was there that I tried to make a nice model my partner watched me as always in silence. When I reached the result I wanted and I showed it to him I received his proposal. If I had managed to transform the shoes into a kit that every mother would be able to make it easily to realize and customize for her incoming child, he would help me make him a product to launch on the market and so it was. We own A design marketing agency And my partner, Roberto, is the strategic mind - creative of our company that has always designed marketing products and strategies for companies and individuals. Him's proposal was obvious, I'm not surprised at all. Indeed, rather gratified me very much! We were self-commissioning a new product and the design was completely entrusted to me, fantastic!
I started working. Switching from a finished product to a kit I cost me a lot of design. Because it was necessary to take more than adding, take a path to the contrary.
The bet was that the shoes should be a product for everyone, easy to assemble, containing all the necessary parts and that it is fundamentally customizable.
Succeeding was a great satisfaction and at that point the product was over. I found local suppliers, chosen materials, designed product image and eventually the communication strategy that had to take advantage of instruments 2.0, e-commerce.
Where you have inspired and how much time you use to make a pair of shoes?
The first line of diy kit shoes was the one in felt, launched in 2008 in winter. In the spring that in cotton was born. The inspiration was born, "doing", creating prototypes on prototypes, looking around other shoes what they generally do very little so as not to curb my creativity by blocking it on a unique idea.
I discovered rather that many products in kits existed, many containing the same product concept, the same Reason Why "the pleasure of creating something customizable with their own hands. From here the editorial line of the blog was born that would have talked about DIY products as well as shoes that I personally present, that I personalize to give ideas and ideas to my customers and now that they are sent by them with great satisfaction and immense creativity and that monster In the section [made from you. Every time I receive a couple I remain surprised by the endless solutions that my kits allow you to make and I'm proud! The shoe kit is defined product 2.0, open product, shareable, design 2.0!!
Where Sveva's shoe kits arrived?
Sveva's shoe kits have arrived all over the world. Sold on and reviewed by several national and international blogs. The kit has managed to arrive everywhere even overseas! The first kit was sent to NY City (USA): That day I was very excited. But it is also in Australia and then throughout Italy, from north to south. Sell abroad is a function of marketing activity that you can do and is a very long and tiring contact job. But it was definitely easier to have reviews in the US rather than in Italy; A product of this kind is very appreciated not only to be a product in kit but also to be Italian design (even the production is 100% Italian) and with certified materials. But the Italian market is very promising as the European one.
Now we are very dedicated to the Italian market. All instruments 2.0 We use, blogs, Twitter, FriendFeed, FB and Fan Page lead us daily people who curse both to our product and to us and the history of these shoes dedicated to our child, Think about creating his future. It is a long work based on sincerity, transparency, esteem, professionalism and daily commitment.
Because we can say that yours is a sort of virtual laboratory. You also have a "real" laboratory or do you think the future is "only" e-commerce?
The real laboratory that interests me is what I create my customers! It comes from the virtual but turns into real every time a pair of shoes arrives in my mailbox and is posted on the blog. This laboratory [done by you! Was what I really wanted to achieve as a result, and we succeeded.. Even if the work is not over!!
My real laboratory is my studio. Here we plan everything from the birth of a new line, as we are doing right now, to the product image, communication and web strategies 2.0. The editorial work of the blogs is of my competence, I do not hide that it is very tiring especially with regard to the research of the material, the critical cut to give to the post, and then the drafting of the bilingual texts. But it is also of great satisfaction. The two blogs together have allowed me to meet lots of people, to tighten fantastic friendships, to meet women full of grit and personality, marketing consultants and 2.0 very competent, people who ask me for advice and ideas and to which I always answer with a lot of pleasure. But even people who give them to you for pure sharing, for that philosophy that the current web world drives you to have.
Baby boots in kits are sold off-line, online not necessarily through Etsy but also simply by writing me via email to info @ oonzone.thet. In autumn they will be in some shops in Milan, now they are only found in the Marche and in Abruzzo. Online, on the other hand, we will create a store as soon as possible over the one on Etsy in which to insert new products always in kit already on site for months.
This is our story, this is our beautiful adventure with an innovative flavor but also so familiar, close to people and above all open and shareable.
But before closing and thank you for the interview and for the opportunity you offered to talk about me and my products, an anticipation on the blog The Sveva shoes: "The arena of creativity" A fun creative and design game designed for the design of a new line of shoes to do with our fans. We expect many, to collect ideas, suggestions, tips to see the shoes made [Designed by you!..and the adventure continues!!
Blog // www.creakit.blogspot.COM /
Flickr // / Photos / CreaKit /
Etsy // / shop.php?user_id = 5926475
Fan page // www.Facebook.COM / CREKIT
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