Influenza 2020/2021: the peak approaches. Here's how it looks in children

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The seasonal influence returns and as every year the most affected are children under five years. Here's how to intervene to get them better and when to worry

Every year between January and February there is the Peak of cases of seasonal flu and flu-like syndromes. Even in 2021 you will most likely reach the flu peak to Mid January, But the number of infected could be smaller than previous years.

The flu vaccination, the use of masks and social spacing measures are playing a really important role in countering the Diffusion of flu. The most affected remain as always Children under 5 years. Let's see how the influence comes in the little ones, what to do to make them feel better and when we have to worry.

In this article

  • Influenza 2020/2021: a lighter season
  • The surveillance system data
  • The influence in children: how it presents
  • Flu, flu syndromes and covid-19
  • How to prevent influence
  • How to cure the flu
  • When to worry

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