Trentino is the most friendly mother "region


First in the ranking The Trentino. Last, Calabria. A search for Save The Childre Italia launches the alarm on the condition of the mother and woman in general. From the most virtuous Italian regions to the areas where the most beautiful work ", to be a mother, becomes more difficult.

Italy Country for Mothers? Not always. This is the general idea that hovers after the relationship printed by Save the Children On the territorial survey carried out to view the generals living conditions of a woman who had at least one son.

The ranking has taken into consideration Three parameter macro (family care, work and childhood services) who were crossed with Seven indicators: the fertility rate, the asymmetry (or imbalance) in family work, the female employment rate (as well as any absence in the labor market), the index of taking charge of the nursery and services For early childhood, and the frequency of the childhood school.

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