The touching meeting between Tansy and the Gorilla Djalta, friends for over 20 years

They could not be seen since 2002, since the freedom was laughing at Gorilla Djalta and was sent to a Gabon reserve. But at their meeting Djalta he smelled and embraced his old game partner as if nothing was. The two met when Tansy was 18 months old.

An annuse, a clash of nasi. A hug. So Tansy Aspinall and the Gorilla Djalta in the distant Rainforest of Gabon.

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The photos that testify to the friendship between Tansy and the Gorilla Djalta

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23 years of friendship. Even without having seen for 12 years. This is the story of Tansy and the Gorilla Djalta. The two did not see him since 2002, since Djalta had been put into...

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