The wireless phone

A typical game from home, suitable for all ages when it's cold and you can't go out.

What is needed to play

- A dozen children (but even more) and niente another

Game execution

Seat the children at a circle or in a row one next to the other. With a set established those who will be the first ring of the chain (maybe one of the most big ones) that will choose a word or phrase without being heard from others. The chain chief child will transmit, whispering to the ear of his neighbor, the word or phrase chosen (not too difficult


). When this second player has received the message he will, in turn, convey it, in the same way, to his neighbor. The game continues this way up to the last baby in the row. Who received the final message will have to repeat high as you understand. Among the general laughter, it is likely that the message will be incredibly changed




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