The Prince George becomes a doll

He cries, he moves, opens and closes his eyes and also does the Rutino: he is Brother Baby George, the doll created on the image of William and Kate's son. On sale in the UK for the Christmas period, costs 37 pounds and 99 (45 euros and 50 cents) and has a circulation of 5 thousand specimens

Like a child in meat and bones he cries true tears, moves, opens and closes his mouth and eyes... And, when it happens, it also makes the Rino: but it does princely, because the new doll put up for sale in the United Kingdom as a Christmas present for the sudditine of His Majesty is the exact copy of the son of William e Kate. And in fact not for nothing is called Brother Baby George "," George brother ".

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That anyone, to continue the celebrations for the Royal Birth, can be taken home for 37 pounds and 99 (45 euros and 50 cents). But those who wish it will have to hurry: the doll, in fact, was created in a limited edition of 5 thousand specimens and will be available for a short period of time.

Dressed with a royal jump and a combined hat, stayed in a specially designed container, Brother Baby George has already become the torment of British children: Because an account is playing with a doll anyway pretending to be mom and dad, another is to fall in William and Kate's shoes, dreaming of being a prince and a princess struggling with their little one. With the Bambolotto George the game immediately becomes a fairy tale!

How about? The doll resembles the true Royal Baby?

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