The Famous Character "

A fun and educational game: the famous character

What is needed to play

- Many children

- At least two game rooms

Game execution

With a set established which child or child will first have to leave (accompanied by an adult) to give way to others to choose the name of a famous character who will then have to be guessed by her / he. If children are more than 8 years you can choose a historical character (Napoleon, Joan of Arco, etc.) Otherwise it will fall on one of the cartoons or on the name of a person who everyone knows. At this point the child who came out, who will have to extend some questions to try to understand what is the character ". The questions can be: "and man or woman?"What does it do?", He has a beard or glasses?"Where he was born?", etc. Of course an adult must help the child coordinate the various answers, keeping them in mind. If you don't have to guess it, you can help tell him the initials of the name. After the third mistake, however, he can no longer continue and another child will go out. If instead he will guess, he will have to say thanks to what answer he managed to understand who they were.

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